Michelle Steigmeyer



Michelle Steigmeyer is the owner and founder of the Indiana K9 Learning Center.  She also runs the Better Dog Rescue where she evaluates shelter and rescue dogs for drug and bomb detection potential as well as for search and rescue for the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation.  

Michelle is active in AKC as a ringside photographer and shows her Hungarian Mudi's in confirmation.



Christina McLachlan 


Head Trainer

Christina is our Head Trainer at Indiana K9 Learning Center.  Before coming to work here, she owned a successful dog training business and recently she has attended several different training seminars to broaden her knowledge on training dogs.  Christina has always had a passion for training dogs, as a child she was using balanced training on her dogs before she even knew there were different training methods.  With a passion for training Diabetic Alert Dogs, as well as helping families be able to enjoy their dogs and not just coexist with them, Christina has found a special way of connecting with people to help them with their dog training needs.  She loves all the dogs like her own, and each person that works with her becomes an extension of her family.  In her spare time she volunteers for the local 4h Dog club, watches "how to" videos on training dogs and enjoys listing to live music.  Christina has a daughter and is a proud owner of a beautiful Wheaten Terrier.  


Nick Indiana K9 learning Center.jpg

Nicholas Watkins 



Operations Manager | Assistant Trainer

Nick began as the Facility Manager at IKLC in late 2016, running the day to day operations and taking care of administrative duties, after Owner/Founder Michelle helped him with his own dog, Iggy. After seeing the difference proper training can have on a dog's behavior and mental health, he decided to leave behind 12 years in the restaurant industry to pursue a new career in the dog training world. After attending seminars and shadowing at Solid K9 Training in Rhode Island, he and Michelle discovered his talent and passion for the hands on training, and he is now the Assistant Trainer. Although Iggy lives happily at the facility full time, Nick has a large Pit-Mix named Blaze, famous among IKLC followers for his astounding transformation and knack for making himself the center of attention.