When I was doing some research on dog bites I wasn't surprised that most bites happen to young children. Kids are eye level with most dogs and they hug, squeeze, smoochy face, straddle, and bounce on dogs. They carry the puppies and little dogs like they're babies. We've all seen it and I bet we all did it when we were little.

Here's the scary part. Take a few minutes and look on the internet for dog bites on children. Take a deep breath and get ready. The results arehorrifying. I saw everything from a nip on the cheek to completely disfigured faces. And the headlines told the tale..."family dog bites child. Family pet kills baby. Family dog brutally attacks toddler." See the pattern? FAMILY PET.

Does anyone realize that when they bring a dog into their home, they're bringing a predator to live with them? They have instincts and teeth, and they look at things completely different than we do. Yes, I know, it's not like we're bringing wild wolves into the living room and serving them our children on a platter. I get that.

Tori Smith posted a video not long ago of a toddler bouncing up and down on a rottweiler. The video showed 16 times the dog licked it's lips, whale eyed, etc. It was telling everyone how uncomfortable it was. I'm sure the parents brag to their friends about how much the dog loves the child. A dog can only take so much and when it snaps or bites to say "Enough!" it's labeled aggressive and euthanized or rehomed with an unearned stigma attached.

I personally watched a lovely, happy, healthy dog being led to a euthanasia room and when I asked the officer why it was being killed she said it had bitten a child. Look at the following photos (Shutterstock has hundreds of pictures of kids begging to get bitten) and I wonder if that dog had been a family pet that said "Enough!" in the only way it knew how.

amanda hillegas