Just Train

I woke up to some very nice pm's and one not-so-nice one.

It was something along the lines of that he could train dogs too if he had a nice facility. After I found a kleenex and mailed it to him so he could dry his tears...not...I mulled it over for the day and decided to unload my opinion on social media.

You don't need a nice facility to train your dog. You don't even need a shitty facility to train your dog. You start in your living room, move outside to the deck and/or backyard, and then to parks, stores, etc.

My driveway has a seal every ten feet. Those seals are my spots to teach an automatic sit while heeling. A couple of trips up and down my driveway, making a dog sit at each seal, puts an automatic sit on a dog quickly. Why drag out cones or put flags in the yard? Our driveway installer made me an awesome training place!

One of my favorite places to train is the road in front of Indiana K9 Learning Center. You may see a road, but I see opportunities for dogs to bark, kids to be in the front yard, cyclists to go by...and if none of those happen I have the beautiful shaded spots where we proof automatic sits, downs, and long line recalls.

Who needs fancy equipment to train a dog? I'll tell you who. Procrastinators. You can give those people a multimillion dollar facility and they'll need to stock it with the best training tools money can buy and they still won't train. They'll say they need to watch more videos. So after they've watched all the videos created about dog training they'll have to buy the latest training tools that came out while they were watching the videos. Then they'll have to tweak their logo. And then the website isn't right. Twenty years go by and they still haven't trained a dog.

I know this because that used to be me. I had every excuse imaginable. Once I got out of my own way a whole new world opened up and I feel unstoppable.

We'll all be eating our last meal, breathing our last breaths, and feeling regrets. So no more excuses. Go get shit done.

amanda hillegas