Let's Talk About Fear

I'd like to talk about fear for a moment.

I'd ruffled some feathers when I talked about how I'd used a high correction on an e-collar to correct some really nasty crate behavior from the cattle dog in the video, and then I was a horrible human being by making her get in the pool when she was terrified of it.

Then I'd posted a video of the little guy Kua in the life jacket taking his third swim in the pool. He was still unsure, and yes I picked him up by the handle and plopped him in the shallow end (which he is so short he can't touch bottom).

Check him out today. When he's by the pool I have to put the life vest on him because he tries to jump in. He's still too overweight to give him free rein because he rolls over like a log! But look how confident he is and how much he's enjoying it.

About fear...had I taken the more politically correct way on both of these dogs I'd still be trying to get them in the water with food, treats, begging, and anything else I could try. But by doing it quickly, and putting pressure and stress on them right away, they could get through it quicker and to the other side where the reward is.

But dog fear isn't what I want to talk about. I want to talk about YOUR fear.

You have a gift that the world is waiting for. Something that no one else can bring to the table. Maybe it's your grandmother's secret apricot jam recipe. Your special way with children. Can you connect with abused women in a halfway house? Let's talk about your unique take on a local political issue.

What are you afraid of? I imagine it's the same thing I've been afraid of my entire life. Fear of failure and ridicule. Being afraid to disappoint someone important to me. Knowing I won't measure up to what others think I should be.

So here's what we do...we avoid our fear because it's painful. We take the long way to get into the pool, and sadly most of us never even dip our toe in. When we do this we never get to the awesome life that's waiting for us on the other side. The life of unimaginable reward that only comes from giving a part of ourselves that no one else can give.

The world needs your gifts, the ones unique to you and only you, and it needs them now. Yes, you'll rub people the wrong way. That's OK. If you're doing important work you SHOULD be ruffling some feathers. The people in your life that love you will support you whether you succeed or flounder.

The ones who Care don't Matter, and the ones who Matter don't Care.

amanda hillegas