Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training

2 Day Seminar, September 22nd-23rd


Jeff Gellman is a real world dog trainer who has trained thousands of dogs and owners on how to achieve a more balanced lifestyle, even with the most difficult of dogs. He is now traveling the world to share his knowledge of dog training at his RV Seminars. Jeff is excited to share his expertise with an even larger audience, not only to help train more dogs but to help reduce the pain and struggle many dog owners are experiencing.

Often the third, fourth, or fifth dog trainer that people hire,  Jeff gets results. He is often able to achieve dramatic results within the first hour of training. Jeff enjoys working with aggressive dogs and dogs needing serious behavior modification. At Solid K9 Training, Jeff Gellman has worked with thousands of dogs from around the world, including those labeled as "untrainable". Most "bad dogs" are the result of a simple lack of structure, leadership, and proper communication between dog and owner. 

This seminar will run Saturday & Sunday from 9am - 5pm

Lunch and snacks provided!