State Of The Art Facility




Small Training Building

The original building!    

Large Training Room



Walker Yards

This yard has our “Hound Walker”! Similar to a horse hot walker, the Hound Walker has six arms rotate at a leisurely speed, walking the dogs in a circle.  The dogs are supervised and double tethered for safety.  The Hound Walker is great for regulated exercise and teaching dogs how to walk calmly and quietly with other dogs in proximity.

Agility Yard

Used only for Agility, it has our AKC & UKC regulation agility equipment set up from spring through fall. When the equipment cannot be outside, it goes in our 4000 sq. ft.  training building.


Obedience Yard

Used for outdoor training and group classes, it offers great distractions with the cars and bikers going by.  It’s shaded for everyone’s comfort.

Play Yards

Two yards used for free time and play. The only yards dogs are allowed off leash while not being trained.