Available dogs and pups

Not all of the dogs we buy or breed will make service or detection dogs. If we decide to “wash” one from our program we make them available to the public. They will range from young puppies to 4 year old trained dogs. We don’t post photos of the dogs we have available because we want families to contact us with what they’re looking for and what their lifestyle is as opposed to falling in love with the look of the dog. The dogs pictured below are reference photos only, they aren’t the dogs that are available. If you’re interested in buying one of our “washed” dogs please contact us at admin@indianak9learningcenter.com and we will get back with you soon!


Labrador Retrievers

Labs are the most popular dogs used in service and detection work at IK9LC. There’s a reason they’re the most popular breed in America! Happy, willing, intelligent and loving…they’ve got it all.

Springer Spaniels

Our springers are imported and are much smaller than the American show springers that you may be familiar with. They are soft tempered, sweet, biddable and have a fondness for children.

Golden Retrievers

We only have one breeding pair of goldens at this time and they are high drive, high energy dogs. We don’t recommend them with small children.

Mixed Breeds

It’s just like it sounds…we will occasionally have mixes of two purebreds that wash from our program. Lab x golden? Vizsla x lab? Springer x golden?

Shelter and rescue dogs

We try to use shelter and rescue dogs in our program as much as possible but if we pull one and they don’t work out we try to find them good homes. It’s always a mixture of size, haircoat and temperament so if you’re partial to shelter or rescue dogs be sure to ask if we have any.